Fast Alert Means Fast Reaction

The first line of defense after a fire breaks out is being alerted and using time wisely. This could be the difference between a small fire that is put out quickly and one that becomes out of control, destroying property and worse, causing loss of life.

Northwest Fire Sprinkler Saves!

Sprinklers limit damage in Bellevue, WA assisted living unit after hair spray can left on stovetop. Thanks to Marlon Jones, technician, Northwest Fire Systems responded to a service call on the evening of Oct. 5th at a Bellevue assisted living facility. The Sprinkler system put out the fire prior to the fire department’s arrival. The facility on-site liaison heard a small explosion when a hair spray can in a cardboard box left on the stove ignited, spreading smoke down the hall. The liaison grabbed the fire extinguisher. As she pulled the stem to activate the extinguisher, the pendent sprinkler activated and put the fire out in her presence.

The fire sprinkler limited damage to the kitchen area and damp carpet in the corridor on the floor of the incident.

Saving Lives, Protecting Property

Immediate alert from a fire alarm can prevent deaths and destruction of property.

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Northwest Fire Systems offers the following fire alarm system services:

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There Are A Few Major Benefits To Fire Alarm Systems

  • Instantly Contact Your Fire Department
    Many modern fire alarm systems are built to send an alert to the local fire department as soon as signs of a blaze are detected, dispatching firefighters to your property right away. This means the fire has less time to do damage.

  • Reduce Damage to Your Property
    Fires can cause massive damage in short periods of time. It’s simple logic: when you’re aware of a fire as soon as possible, you have more time to fight the fire and reduce damage to your property.

  • Integrate Your Alarm With Your Security System
    Many fire alarm systems are compatible with your building’s security system. When you can monitor both your security and fire alarm systems at the same time, you have increased convenience and decreased stress as a property owner.

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Regular Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Make You Ready For Anything

The only way to be sure that your fire alarm system will work as it should when you need it is to have it regularly inspected and serviced by a qualified technician. When an inspection is performed, components will be tested and serviced to ensure proper function.

Give yourself peace of mind, knowing that your system is ready to alert when it needs to to save lives. Call Northwest Fire Systems today at 206-772-7502 with any questions about fire alarm systems or to schedule service.