Be Prepared For An Emergency

A fire extinguisher could make the difference between a small fire and a larger, more destructive one. When they are strategically placed around your facilities, this gives any bystander the ability to quickly put out a fire at a moment’s notice, perhaps preventing a catastrophe.

Because of their handheld capability, fire extinguishers provide a mobile way to fight a fire. If the sprinkler system has not turned on yet or is not properly reducing the growth of the fire, then fire extinguishers are another powerful line of defense in an emergency situation.

We will plan out the placement of your fire extinguishers to ensure that fires can be put out in the most efficient manner. We strategically place the extinguishers based on accessibility and likeliness of the fire’s path.

Saving Lives, Protecting Property

Careful placement and maintenance of fire extinguishers greatly increases the protection of your business.

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Fire Extinguishers Need Regular Testing and Maintenance

The National Fire Protection Agency states that fire extinguishers need to have maintenance once per year and need to be inspected every month as well. Maintenance and inspection [link to:] must be performed by a qualified professional.

We can provide these services and more to make sure that your fire extinguishers are in perfecting working order and comply with all applicable regulations.

If your extinguishers are at lower than normal pressure, or they have been used recently to fight a fire, we can recharge them so they are ready to protect your occupants and property at a moment’s notice.

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We’ll make sure that your extinguishers are

  • Properly distributed in your space.

  • Completely functional.

  • Correctly inspected and tagged.

  • Adequately charged.

Call Northwest Fire Systems today at 206-772-7502 to have any questions about fire extinguishers answered or to schedule service. Our fire extinguisher services expertise keeps you ready for an emergency.