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Fire sprinkler systems are integral to your fire protection plan. When your sprinkler system is set off by the heat from a fire, it sprays water on the blaze, working to extinguish or reduce its size while also making materials wet and slowing the advance and spread of the fire. This also allows more time for people to evacuate and firefighting crews to arrive. If the fire is not extinguished by their arrival, it will at least be contained, making the firefighters’ work safer and easier and minimizing the damage to your facility.

Saving Lives, Protecting Property

Fire sprinklers can give you valuable time in an emergency.

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Automatic fire sprinklers can:

  • Reduce the temperature.

  • Dilute dangerous gases from fire.

  • Allow more time for occupants to escape.

  • Make the area more visible, and thus, safer.

Our installation team is the best in the business! With decades of experience, our union trained sprinkler fitters specialize in:

  • Pre-action sprinkler systems.

  • Deluge sprinkler systems.

  • Standpipe systems.

  • Wet sprinkler systems.

  • Dry sprinkler systems.

Whether you are designing a small tenant improvement or high rise building, contact us for a free estimate. We will work with you to meet all of your fire protection and design needs.

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Importance of Regular Testing, Inspection & Maintenance

You need to have your fire sprinkler system inspected and tested regularly to ensure it meets national and local codes and regulations and that it is functioning properly and is ready for an emergency situation. Regular maintenance of your fire sprinkler system will keep it operating like it is supposed to. Any parts of your system that may have become weakened over time or are in danger of breaking down will be found, allowing for repairs now as opposed to later.

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