Backflow Prevention Systems Prevent Contamination of Your Water Supply

Backflow poses a major problem, as water from fire sprinkler systems can contain dangerous metals, microorganisms, and chemicals that could also pose serious health risks if introduced to the surrounding drinking water supply. The backflow preventer is put in place to safeguard against non potable fire sprinkler system water from flowing back into your drinking water supply.

Backflow can occur both in your building’s water system, where the fire sprinkler system is housed, and in the town’s or city’s general water supply. This may happen when pressure from the municipal water supply line is substantially reduced or lost.

Saving Lives, Protecting Property

Backflow prevention systems must be installed and tested regularly to ensure that hazardous water does not contaminate town and municipal water.

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Why Regular Testing and Maintenance is Needed

There are national, state and local regulations for the installation and function of backflow preventers, all of which must be met according to strict standards.

Testing should be done annually to test flushing components and test valves. Testing is the ultimate way to ensure that the system functions properly and is not at risk of contaminating other water supplies. It is important for regular maintenance to be performed because this roots out any small problems before they potentially become, bigger, more expensive issues.

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