Make Sure Your System Is Ready

Inspection, testing, and maintenance of your fire protection systems is crucial to their function and aids in preventing loss of life and property damage during a fire. Northwest Fire Systems can provide you with all of your inspection, testing and maintenance needs as we are qualified and licensed and know which regulations your systems must adhere to.

Saving Lives, Protecting Property

We help you stay safe and up to code.

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We provide inspections, testing and maintenance on:

  • Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Backflow Systems

  • Kitchen Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems should be inspected when additions are made to your building or when the building’s plumbing is altered. The new layout or floor plan of your space may influence the fire protection needs and demands of your system as well.

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Northwest Fire Systems is your single source for all fire protection services.

Trust Us To Keep Your System Prepared

Inspection, testing and maintenance must be completed to ensure compliance with national and local laws and regulations to make sure that systems are working properly and can save lives when they need to. This ensures that all your fire safety systems are working properly, while also prolonging their working life.

We will find and repair any broken components or components that are degrading from normal wear and tear, guaranteeing that you won’t be surprised during an emergency by problems that could have been preventable.

Call Northwest Fire Systems today at 206-772-7502 for inspection, testing and maintenance. We are ready to ensure that all of your fire protection systems are ready for an emergency.