northwest fire systems installations


Fire Sprinkler Installation

Our installation team is the best in the business! With decades of experience, our union trained sprinkler fitters specialize in pre-action, deluge, standpipe, wet and dry fire sprinkler applications, fire alarm panel and device install, special hazard systems and backflow preventers. Whether you are designing a small tenant improvement or high rise building, contact us for a free estimate at 206.772.7502 or email us at .  We will work with you to design a code compliant system that is right for your needs to save lives and protect property.


Sprinkler Systems

There are many fire suppression systems on the market today; Northwest Fire Systems experienced technicians are trained to install and service the many different applications in use in our area. For additional information regarding design, installation, confidence testing, service or repair of your fire sprinkler system please contact us at 206.772.7502 or at .

Fire Alarm Systems

Early detection of a fire means the difference between life and death and minimizing loss and total destruction of property. A fire alarm system is critical to early detection. Contact us at 206.772.7502 or email for additional information on design, install, confidence testing, service and repair.