Prevent Catastrophes From Kitchen Fires

Kitchens are full of potential fire hazards. When you think about all the flammable materials in commercial kitchens, like cooking oils, fats from meats and fuel for the gas range, the threat of an out of control fire seems ever present.

Saving Lives, Protecting Property

Reduce the hazard of kitchen fires with a kitchen hood system.

Hood Fire Suppression Systems Quickly End Fires

A hood fire suppression system will quickly put out a fire. When fire is detected, the system will release chemicals that reduce the availability of oxygen on the stove, thereby putting out the flames. The system will then remove the smoke produced by the fire.

A few reasons kitchens can be the source of fires:

  • Flammable materials such as cooking oils are always present.

  • Movement around the stoves, especially during mealtime rushes, can result in accidents.

  • Grease can build up quickly if regular cleaning schedules aren’t maintained.

  • Boxes from food and supply deliveries can ignite of not properly stored.

Fire suppression systems are crucial if you own a restaurant or a kitchen runs within your facility. Commercial kitchens are one of the few places that actively have constant open flames, leaving the potential for a disastrous fire to happen at any second. Northwest Fire Systems is here to provide maintenance and inspections of your kitchen fire suppression systems.

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Testing & Maintenance Ensure Function

We also provide inspection, testing and maintenance of your kitchen fire suppression system, ensuring that it is in working order, ready to eliminate the threat of damages from even a small kitchen fire. Depending on your commercial kitchen’s volume, its fire suppression system should be inspected annually, semi-annually, or even quarterly.

Call Northwest Fire Systems today at 206-772-7502 if you have any questions about kitchen fire suppression systems or need to schedule service. Our kitchen fire protection services will help protect against disastrous fire emergencies.